If you’re a site owner, a problem can always show up and it doesn’t automatically have to be connected with the web hosting service. For example, something could go wrong when you bring a web application up to date or some critical content could be edited or erased unintendedly. No matter what the nature of the problem may be, you will need to get in touch with the customer support staff and ask them to restore a backup or to assist you in troubleshooting the problem that you’re having. How timely they’ll do that will predetermine how much time your sites will be inaccessible. For some sites such as social networks or online shopping portals, a frequent inaccessibility often means lost clients and cash. Having said that, it is of vital importance that you use the services of a company that provides not only a very good customer care service, but also a prompt one.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Cloud Hosting

If you’re using one of our cloud hosting and you have a question or experience some obstacle, you can touch base with us 24/7/365 by posting a trouble ticket or by writing an email and we promise that you will get a reply in less than sixty minutes. If the issue can be sorted out, we will do it before we reply, whilst if there is something that you need to do on your end, we will supply you with all the required information – what possible solutions to try, what settings to check, etc. Usually, you will receive an answer within maximum half an hour, which suggests that waiting around for hours on end or even for more than one day to obtain help is something inconceivable. Our sixty-minute reply guarantee is valid for any inquiry that you may have – billing, general or technical.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We guarantee that if you post a customer support ticket from your web hosting Control Panel or send an email concerning your semi-dedicated server, you will have a reply within less than 60 minutes. You can contact us at all times in regards to billing, technical or general issues and since we’re working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you will always receive support right on time. Based on the specific question or issue, we’ll supply you with more information, solve the problem if it’s been caused by something within our reach or advise you on how to proceed in case you need to fine-tune some setting for a software application that we do not have access to. You can forget about waiting for a day for each single reply. Actually, in most cases we respond to tickets and emails within no more than twenty-twenty five minutes.